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Not many businesses can survive without some form of paid search investment. While the technology is progressing to allow for highly targetable exposure, the additional complexity can be confusing for in-house marketers who don’t have to deal with the minutiae on a daily basis.


We create paid search campaigns across multiple platforms including Adwords, Bing and Baidu. We use all the tools at our fingertips from dynamic ads to remarketing and video.
Tandem Digital is a Google Partner Agency. Last year we were 1 of only 2 Scottish agencies invited to participate in Google’s Business Growth programme as a high performing agency.


The power of our PPC

Turn on quickly and

adapt budgets to get maximum results

Hugely powerful


Use of remarketing

increases marketing effectiveness

Only pay what 

you use

Highly measurable and trackable for conversations

Customise across multiple sites/platforms/devices

Our Pay Per Click specialities



of UK searchers can’t spot a paid ad



times natives ads are viewed than banner ads



of shoppers predict they will spend more in eCommerce over the upcoming year



Videos on landing pages increase conversions by



of paid search clicks  are accounted by mobile devices



We have over 50 different strategies that we use across multiple platforms including Google network, Facebook, Twitter and Adroll.

Powerful when used properly.  Nobody likes to be followed around the web by products they are not interested in. Used properly however, remarketing is hugely powerful means of converting, cross selling and deepening the relationship between your brand and your customers.

Get Smart with Remarketing

If you’re not already using retargeting strategies in your PPC, you’re missing out on a great way to reduce costs and increase conversions. At Tandem we have a playbook of tested retargeting strategies that we rollout across client campaigns.
Once you see the benefits of our PPC MOT, you may want to talk to us about how we can apply smarter PPC strategies to your campaigns.

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*There is no obligation on your part. However, we’re hoping that you’ll be so blown away by our recommendations that it’ll make sense to move to Tandem to manage your accounts.  Eligibility for this customised MOT will depend on current budget size, potential growth and your commitment to getting the best out of digital marketing. 

We will need temporary access to your PPC account in order to carry our the audit but you retain control at all times. 

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