Time to Work Smarter?

Marketing Automation

Companies that use automation see an average 30% increase in conversion. Generate more leads, increase ROI, reduce CPA

Work smarter, faster and more effectively. Using workflows, marketers can now create automatic pathways towards conversion across multiple campaigns. You can speak directly to the individual, at scale, and lead them by the hand to conversion.

Marketing automation allows marketers to step away from the admin and back to making campaigns that work.

Visitor ID

Identify companies and individuals who visit your site and understand their behaviour

Sales Analytics

Pipeline metrics and analysis for marketing and sales team

Behaviour Tracking

Use behavioural based tracking to understand what motivates each click

Lead Scoring

Organisations using lead scoring experience a 77% increase in Lead generation ROI

Dynamic Forms

Capture data and build profiles using dynamic forms across multi channel campaigns

CRM Integration

Use the built in CRM or integrate with your CRM from Salesforce to Capsule.


Create and serve dynamic content based on an individual’s profile and behaviour

Email Automation

Smart email; personalised, dynamic, programmable and easy to use.

Campaign Optimisation

Track and analyze campaigns in one place. Understand multi-channel performance to conversion.

Drive more Leads

Use automation to drive traffic and generate leads.

Convert to Sales

Use automation to nurture and convert leads to sales.

Optimise your Marketing

Powerful Insight. Create, track, analyse, convert.  

Give your customer a hug

More than just using their first name in an email, personalisation allows organisations to tailor content to an individual based on their demographics, behavior, demographic, life cycle stage, level of engagement, lead score… and more. Use automation to turn strangers into friends and friends into lovers of your brand

Marketing is about technology and marketing automation is at its heart

If you’re not already using retargeting strategies in your PPC, you’re missing out on a great way to reduce costs and increase conversions. At Tandem we have a playbook of tested retargeting strategies that we rollout across client campaigns.

Once you see the benefits of our PPC MOT, you may want to talk to us about how we can apply smarter PPC strategies to your campaigns.

Joined up Conversion

Where does marketing stop and sales start. With automation now both functions have a better understanding of the conversion process. Better qualified leads, lower cost per acquisition, manage multi-Joined up Conversion channel marketing campaigns. Bridge the gap between marketing and sales.

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