Facebook Timeline: Tandem’s Tips

We’ve been hearing for months now that the implementation of a mandatory switch to Timeline is imminent, and while regular users may be able to spend a couple more weeks denying the inevitable, it seems that D-day has finally arrived for all business users. Tandem is jumping on the Timeline bandwagon and examining how best we can use this new format to best engage users with our brand. Here’s our top tips for timeline:

  • Get creative with your cover image. The new timeline does away with the default landing tab so make sure your shop front speaks your brands language. Image dimensions: 851 x 315. Logos, brand images, photos are all fair game – with some restrictions: call to actions including like,share, sale, contact information, etc. are prohibited.
  • Make sure you have copyright for all images used on your timeline. So easy to click download but it may come back to haunt you – not good for business!
  • Don’t forget your past. The idea of the timeline is to document your brand’s history from its conception. Fill in details like your founding date and other significant milestones.
  • Consider who will administrate your new Facebook site and whether they should be allowed to direct message. Direct messaging is a nice informal way to communicate with your stakeholders, however, once you open that can of worms will have to be heavily maintained. Do you have the resources?
  • Consider also whether you will allow users posts to be visible on your timeline. We strongly advise that you think carefully about this one – good comments can be great, bad ones very damaging for your brand.
  • Manage your posts. The great thing about the new timeline is that is allows Facebook users to promote their most interesting stories and activities to the top of their pages. It’s worth sitting down regularly and re-arranging your posts so that the best ones shine. By clicking on the star of a post you make it widescreen, and therefore more visible. Click edit to hide a post or change its date on your timeline.
  • Get to grips with the new activity log functions. The activity log appears in the top right hand corner of your page, and documents all your Facebook activities. From here it’s easy to sort by function and choose which stories to promote to your timeline, hide or delete, allowing you to showcase the best information about your brand. Only you can see your activity log, not your users.

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