Tandem is made up of marketing, design and development professionals with a passion for all things digital. More than the sum of our parts, we are a boutique and growing agency based in Edinburgh with clients across the UK and beyond. Channel agnostic, we work across all digital marketing platforms to get the best results for our lovely clients.

What to expect as a Tandem client

We Are

Better Together

Our default setting is collaboration; with clients & internally. We welcome participation and input to get results.

We Are


Digital Marketing has tech & analytics at is core. Our creativity is guided by the scientific.

We Are


 Our skills are sharp and our minds open. We keep up with the fast-changing pace of digital and apply critical thinking to new developments.

We Are


We practice applied creativity. We ask the “Why?” and the “How?” and always “What would make this better?”

We Are


We sit forward. We are engaged. We bring energy and enthusiasm to what we do.

We Are

Not Bampots

Kindness and consideration rule.

We Are


We get the bottom line and how campaigns need to positively affect it – whether directly or indirectly.

What Our Clients Say

“Tandem are our go-to agency for digital marketing. Their dedication, knowledge and skills have been invaluable to ensuring we meet our deadlines and achieve rapid growth.”

Victoria Patterson | Marketing Director | Greystar Europe

“Tandem are our trusted digital partner, who proactively generate ideas and work closely with us to enhance our digital presence. They’ve been extremely responsive and adaptable in meeting the ever-changing needs of our business, always going the extra mile to deliver a very high standard of work.”

Billy Richards | Ecommerce Manager | IQ Student Accommodation

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