how to get people to share content

Why do people share anyway?

Understanding the psychology of sharing will give your content marketing more traction. A lot is written about the process of content marketing; creating personas, repackaging content,  building distribution networks and of course creating great content.  Less...

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Colliers International Hotels Infographic

Lovely to see a write up in the Scotsman today featuring the interactive infographic we did for Colliers International.  Colliers understands the importance of investing in content to engage with their audiences and it was...

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5 SEO Tips for Small Marketing Teams in 2013

Search engine optimisation has become increasingly complicated, and 2012 has seen a rate of change which has made professional search engine marketers shift gears. Caffeine, Panda, social signals, local search, universal search, reviews and citations,...

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Blog V Press Release: Finding the Difference

Blog V Press Release Content marketing a key component of any digital strategy, and it is important that your business is producing content whose value encourage social sharing. Many marketers with a more traditional orientation can...

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Protecting your Brand from Internet Trolls

Twitter fame has landed on an unlikely individual this week as student Liam Stacey was jailed for 2 months for racially abusing Fabrice Muamba, a Bolton Wanderers footballer who collapsed during a match. While the...

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Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is a way of looking at content led marcomms and conversion using digital channels. It joins up many of the various digital tools that are available to marketers and helps formulate a cohesive...

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